We build apps for families with children of school age. Our apps challenge young people to increase their skills and knowledge.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Inidimman. We do not upload any information or store any data about you. Please read our policy for further information or use our Contact Us page to ask any further questions.


Data Storage
The only data stored by our apps relates to:

This data is stored locally on the device using a small, local database within the app. No information is uploaded to any destination at any time. No personal information about our customers is collected.

Location Data
Our Treasure Hunt app tracks the location of the hunter in order to display their location in relation to the treasure position/waypoints. This allows the hunter to plot a route. This transaction occurs directly between the person using the app and the maps provider (Google Maps). No location information is collected or shared with any other destination at any time.

Customer Contact Details
If customers choose to contact Inidimman with questions or feedback via email, those emails and addresses are stored for reference on our email servers for six months. Email addresses are only used if Inidimman needs to respond to the sender. Email addresses are not used in any other way. These contact details are not forwarded to any third parties or entered into databases.

External Links
There are no links within our apps that can access the internet. The only internet addresses featured in the apps are text only and are not active. Users of the app cannot directly access the internet from within the app. They can be used to look up further information about our company and products.

Inidimman creates family-friendly apps for a variety of age groups. We are especially committed to creating quality, safe, eductional products for school children. Our preference is to not embed any advertising in any of our apps.

Further Purchases
Additional purchases can be made in some products, but cannot be accessed without passing through a parental access gate which asks questions of the user before the in-app store is displayed.


Our apps are family friendly.
We never include advertising.
Privacy Policy

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